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bio pic1Bill first created his blog of essays in 2010, after moving from San Francisco to Aix-en-Provence, France and settling into a simpler life rich with friends, food, and great wine. These writings are meant to inspire and provoke fellow travellers and big dreamers also unsettled about life – what we do, where we live, and whom we love – and challenge us to ask what really matters, simple as that. Please share these Postcards from a Runaway with friends and family who never stop asking the right questions.

A first collection of Postcards (Essays on Purpose and Our F*cked-up Priorities by One Mad Escapee) was published in 2014 and is currently out of print with the closing of the Vook/Pronoun publishing house. A second collection is being prepared. All essays are published here first for comment and critique.

Bill has worked in venture capital, investment banking, consulting, and academia (still giving courses at INSEAD and the Sorbonne). He has also been paid to wash dishes, tend bar, pump gas, play loud music, and blow up cool stuff with lasers. All readers passing through Provence are invited to seek Bill out for a drink and exchange of ideas.

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Postcards From A Runaway by Bill Magill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


  1. Dear Bill,

    Very inspiring article ! You had the guts to make the the big change, bury the old and welcome the new. Beeing more of the witness and less of the doer is the true key of happiness.

    Glad to hear that things are doing well for you and Jesse.

    Bon vents and smooth sailing !

    Your French friend from San Francisco.

  2. Dear Bill: You are as ever inspiring us all with your courage and your ability to be brutally honest with yourself and others about the inner landscape. It is with great gratitude that I read your words. You are transforming and distilling life into something richer, deeper and within range of fabulous. That energy electrifies all those of us who are looking for cracks in the walls of what holds us back; your words are like hearing your voice in the sunshine on the other side describing what you are seeing and encouraging us to keep exploring.

  3. hello Bill!!! what a great idea. I hope that you will find in Aix what I did . This is a magical place and always want to return to. Great to do hiking and thinking and reflect on life. Enjoy the Sainte Victoire, jeux de mots intented, and I will see you there this summer.
    Cheers to the pastis!!!

  4. Bill – this blog is fascinating. I love it. Wish I had more time to ponder the contents and even contribute some thoughts of my own. Am on a constant quest to move my “what-really-matterses” to the top of my “do-this-soon” list, but the old, safe junk always gets in the way.

    I hope you find your way back to Santa Cruz one of the these days. You and/or any/all of your wonderful kids are welcome anytime – on n’a que de bons souvenirs de vos visites chez nous.

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