The Interprize Accelerator


Doing what you love,
living where you belong,
defining who you are,
and deciding what comes next.

Do you hold the pen of your own life story?

The Interprize® Accelerator program provides a framework to help you explore, define and execute your grand ambitions, on your vision of the truly engaged life. We combine the concepts of entrepreneurship, personal development, and positive psychology to shape interpreneurs who are energized, thinking creatively, and effecting their own futures.

The fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship taught at business schools around the world provide the core of the program: expressing your grand vision, establishing your interlectual property (your natural strengths and acquired knowledge and skills), identifying critical areas for further development, drafting/editing/refining an execution plan with key milestones, getting you launched and keeping you motivated.

Entrepreneurship is the art of building compelling businesses that flourish and sustain, with an outward focus on external markets. The enterprise is your business.

 Interpreneurship is the art of creating exciting life ambitions that inspire and endure, with an inward focus on personal achievement and self-realization. The interprize is your Grand Vision.

Respect for the trinity of mind, body, and spirit is also a key element our the Interprize Accelerator. Dedication to creating your interprize will demand most of your time and all of your energy. Without a balanced approached we all quickly exhaust and lose our bearings. Developing a vision plan is just one piece of an interpreneurial effort. Just as a business plan offers no guarantee of a company’s ongoing success, a broader effort is needed to establish an interprize that endures. Manna for the body and spirit provides the resilience and passion to sustain through the challenges and over the long run. Yoga, meditation, diet, mindfulness, balance, and techniques to inspire optimism are all integral to the program’s structure.

If 2015 is your year of change and you would like to know more about our Interprize Accelerator, click here to visit our website, or please contact us at:
+33 (0)6 58 90 87

All the best,

– Bill and Interprize team

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