Song suggestion: Sea of Dreams, Bill Magill
Drink suggestion: Full Sail Amber Ale

Sea of Dreams is the most recent upload to a compilation of new songs I started to record in 2012. The SoundCloud player below allows you to listen without leaving this page.

south pacificSome Enchanted Evening is one my favorite songs from my all-time favorite songwriting duo, Rogers & Hammerstein. That “you may spot a stranger across a crowded room” who changes your life forever is an incredibly romantic notion to all of us I think. Sea of Dreams comes nowhere close to matching their mastery, but it was inspired by this song that I so love.

There were no crowded ballrooms in my youth, but plenty of Saturday nights spent at the high school gymnasium attending loud and often intense sporting events; basketball and wrestling primarily. There was little else to occupy one’s time, trust me on this. The interlude in Sea of Dreams refers to spotting someone across the court, and the possibility that one’s life would never again be the same. I hope that you enjoy.