Song Collection Suggestion: Last Night at the Ha-Ra, Bill Magill
Drink Suggestion: Maker’s Mark bourbon straight up

Last Night at the Ha-Ra marks the completion of my 2012 project to record a new collection of original pieces. There are 11 songs in total and additional pieces now in work may be added in 2014. Unlike my earlier CD – Eskimo in the Sun – the Ha-Ra collection was not backed by a gifted ensemble of musicians or recorded in a professional sound studio. All demos were recorded at Mirabeau Studios – my living room in Aix-en-Provence – and the final mix was polished up by Chris Graham Mastering. The SoundCloud player below allows you to listen to the complete collection without leaving this page. The collection is also available through iTunes and Spotify.

The Ha-Ra in San FranciscoThe Ha-Ra is a neighborhood bar in the colorful Tenderloin district of San Francisco. It is a throwback to an earlier era, long before wine bars and micro-breweries, when men were properly appointed in suits and fedoras and women sipped cocktails in real cocktail dresses. The 11 songs from Last Night at the Ha-Ra offer snapshots of life stories unfolding along the bar on any given night in any similar saloon, perhaps right down your street.

I hope that you enjoy!

Bill Magill

 Music Suggestion: Daisy, Bill Magill
Drink Suggestion: Manhattan (whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters)

Daisy is the most recent upload to a compilation of new demos I am recording this year from my Mirabeau Studios/living room in Aix-en-Provence. A click on the song name above will link you to my page at Soundcloud where these songs are being shared. The url is also provided below.

As mentioned in my year-end postcard, I plan to alternate between essays and new recordings each month (fingers and toes crossed). I am very interested in having someone more creative than me mash these recordings with video and/or photos to create short multimedia projects. Please get in touch if this sounds fun (or you know someone who might find this fun). Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Daisy. As always, comments are welcome.

Bill Magill

Postscript: If (1) you find yourself in San Francisco and (2) you enjoy classic un-pretentiousness bars serving old-timey un-pretentiousness drinks (like Manhattans, as one example), with enough dust behind the jukebox (likely dating back to the Lefty O’Doul era) to keep it real, you may want to check out the Ha-Ra Club in the Tenderloin. It gets a nod in Daisy.