About Audiocards

Bill has been writing and playing music in bands and on his own for just about as long as he can remember. It is a passion. In 2012 he started fleshing out a new collection of song demos that were uploaded to this site for feedback when first recorded. That collection, now finished and christened Last Night at the Ha-Ra, is hosted at his SoundCloud page and available through iTunes and Spotify.

Bill began joining rock bands in the mid 1970s as a teen in Pennsylvania. With the power pop/punk quartet Tina Peel (listen to their twisted teen anthem Pajama Party here), he played under the stage name Rowdy Doody (yes, seriously) on various EPs and other live compilation recordings – including Pajama Party, More Than Good Looks, 60 Seconds Over DC – before moving to Texas and then California, where he played the club scene as a solo artist and later in a band Bill formed with collaborator and guitar whiz Wayne Ditzel (formerly of the Readymades).

Bill’s first full-length CD – Eskimo in the Sun (available here for listening and free download) – was released in 1995 with the help of Wayne on lead guitar, David Fox on bass, and Dave Dewey on drums. Marvin McFadden, of Huey Lewis and News, played trumpet on Dance Hall Girls, and Dave Wellhausen engineered and co-produced the recordings at his Wellhausen Studios in San Francisco.

The Last Night at the Ha-Ra demos (working title, Balm of Gilead) were recorded at Mirabeau Studios, also known as Bill’s flat in Aix-en-Provence, France, using Cubase 6 audio software on a Toshiba laptop, and mastered by Chris Graham Mastering. Collaborators included Bill, Bill, and Bill on all instruments and at the mixing board. What these demos lacked in professional studio sound quality was hopefully compensated for in grit, heart and soul.

Next step is to craft short stage pieces around each song and collate them into a cohesive mini-musical for live performances. Discussions are underway with collaborators of all stripes now, from the worlds of orchestration, video and stage. Interested in joining the team?

Should you like what you hear from Bill’s music, please feel free to share with friends.


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