Happy as a Clam

I woke up in the morning
to the sound of baby snoring
but oh oh oh so happy

Tickled pink or down and out. I love music drawn from the edge of emotion, the highest peak, the deepest ditch, … and that’s why I write rock dramas.

Happy Clam by Mina De Wet

Happy as a Clam is a pop feel-good melody, written during the bleakest period of Covid. It’s a giddy song by design, one that fell into my creative space and dared me not to write it, quickly. I was in a beautifully silly mood for a few winter months, manically happy, walking on sunshine as they say. I hope that this song brings a bit of that sunshine to you as well, perhaps a beautiful memory of some magic moment with some special one in some enchanting place.

For the video I carved up and whittled down a production by the Clams, an all-girl band out of Spain that is now defunct. I thank them immensely for the animated content, which complements my song brilliantly. You can also listen without the video by clicking on the Soundcloud button at the bottom of the page.

I’m working on a 5 song EP release now, months behind and expected out by the end of August. Happy as a Clam won’t be on the collection, but it will be a key song in the 2023 musical now under development.

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  1. Very nice upbeat song. Love it! Lots of good vibrations and sunshine in it. You sounded definitely happy as a clam!

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