Bullet Made of Gold

you caught me, staring at the sun
I was paralyzed, my trigger finger numb
I had nowhere to hide, and no time to run
from your bullet made of gold

gunslingerI wrote a piece about heartbreak last September (click here to go there). It was a work of self therapy and reflection on the creative potential of painful experiences. We can let these things destroy us, or we can mine them as artists for the purity of raw emotion they bring to the surface. And we are all artists in one form or another, at one time or another.

Bullet Mad of Gold was the positive product of this difficult moment and I was lucky to have been so inspired. In the studio we decided on an upbeat Nashville sound for this downbeat story, with Jon twanging on a vintage Telecaster, David twinkling the ivories on an equally vintage Wurlitzer piano, Pete Thomas setting the tempo on drums, and me holding down the bass. Accordionist maestro Daniel Mille was with us in the studio that day and added a tasty french-western vibe.

Happy listening!


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