Linger With Me

13 Oct

Suggested Song: Linger With Me, Bill Magill
Suggested Drink: warm herbal tea served bedside

stay close to me
don’t let go
fingers gently
whispers softly
so close to me

linger2Our modern lives run on hyperdrive these days it seems. Too few of us take time to truly appreciate the important things: a great home meal enjoyed with close friends or family, a long Sunday walk, getting caught up over a cup of coffee or tea, or resting warmly, intimately with someone we love deeply. It’s one of life’s divine pleasures, but too often cut short as we scurry off to rejoin the tedium of our daily quotidien. We need less GO!, more linger.

Linger With Me is the latest addition to the growing collection of songs for Last Night at the Ha Ra, 15 now and counting. If you’re a fan of my music keep an eye on my Soundcloud site (click here to go there), as new songs for Last Night … are in development and planned for release through the year.

Happy listening.

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Posted by on October 13, 2016 in Music


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