Audio Postcard – Cmon Cmon

Song suggestion: Cmon Cmon, Bill and Jess Magill
Drink suggestion: Lavender Ghost cocktail (gin, lavender syrup, lemon juice)

Cmon Cmon is the most recent upload to a compilation of new songs I am recording this year. The SoundCloud player below allows you to listen without leaving this page. The following url will take you to my growing compilation of demos titled Balm of Gilead.

A big thank you to my son Jess for helping co-write Cmon Cmon.  He is a gifted songwriter and joy to play with, …when I can pry him away from the PS3! If my summer posts are a bit irregular, well we are on Provence time here in Aix and I am finding plenty of distractions with my kids.

I hope you enjoy the new song.

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  1. Bill, I enjoyed your song, Cmon, Cmon. The beginning organ section was especially nice, and so cool that Jess is part of the creative process. Summer here in Vermont near Lake Champlain, is almost as nice as Aix. Keep up the song writing.

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