Audio Postcard – I Believe in a Dream

Song suggestion: I Believe in a Dream, Bill Magill
Drink suggestion: Baby Eskimo cocktail (Kahlua, milk, vanilla ice cream)

I Believe in a Dream is the most recent upload to a compilation of new songs I am recording this year. The SoundCloud player below allows you to listen without leaving this page. The following url will take you to my growing compilation of demos titled Balm of Gilead.

I have been traveling for the past 3 weeks – to San Francisco and Barcelona, so no complaints – and haven’t had time to get a new demo completed on my 1 per month timetable. I Believe in a Dream was recorded in 1996 at Wellhausen Studios in San Francisco for my Eskimo in the Sun CD, with the help of my band there. I think it nicely fits the spirit and tone of the growing Balm of Gilead compilation so adding it here (in other words, I am cheating to stay on schedule). I hope you enjoy.

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