Audio Postcard – Into the Falls

Music Suggestion: Into the Falls, Bill Magill
Drink Suggestion: Gritstone Premium Ale, Niagara Brewing Company

Into the Falls is the most recent upload to a compilation of new demos I am recording this year from my Mirabeau Studios/living room in Aix-en-Provence. A click on the song name above will link you to Soundcloud where these songs are being shared. The url provided below will take you to the growing compilation of demos there titled Balm of Gilead.

Life is on the wire, the rest is just waiting. – A quote from the great Karl Wallenda, who lived his passion through to the last moments of his life. Should we all be this brave. In an interesting aside, his great-grandson Nik plans a high-wire crossing from New York to Canada, across the mighty Niagara Falls, this summer.  There hasn’t been a wire walker across the gorge in over 100 years. The photo at right shows Maria Spelterini making the crossing in 1876. As if the stunt wasn’t sufficiently heart stopping, she wore peach baskets on her feet.

Bill Magill



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